Canfield Connector Multi-Pin Molded Connector Series

Canfield Connector’s M8 and M12 multi-pin molded connector series for sensors and automation both have a nylon housing, black PUR or PVC cable, and are IP67 environmentally resistant. Features of the M8, Pico, include:

  • A straight locking connector with 3 or 4 poles.
  • A nominal voltage rating of 120 V AC/DC.
  • A current rating of 4 amps.
  • A 24 AWG wire gauge.
  • A temperature rating of -25° to +85°C.

The M12, Micro, features include:

  • A straight or 90° locking connector with 3, 4, or 5 poles.
  • A nominal voltage rating of 240 V AC/DC with a 4 amp current rating (3 and 4 pole versions) or 120 V AC/DC with a 3 amp current rating (5 pole version).
  • A temperature rating of -25° to +85°C.

About Canfield Connector

Canfield Connector is a manufacturer of interconnection devices, electronic timers, connectors, sensors, modules and specialty electronic devices targeted at the fluid power industry. Our Complete Quality Control Program (CQCP) protects our customers by assuring them of 100% test and inspection prior to shipment of all items produced at Canfield Connector, including electronic timers and interconnection devices. Most items are tested during the manufacturing process and again during final inspection, making our products double or triple tested for function prior to shipment. It is our goal to attain complete customer satisfaction. View all posts by Canfield Connector

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