OSV – Optical Sensor Valve

Canfield Connector’s OSV Conveyor Control Photo eye/solenoid valve combination and is designed to be used as a sensing and pneumatic output device in one The OSV is mounted on Live Roller Conveyor type equipment and features a low cost yet robust design that facilitates easy installation as well as reliable function by use of polarized retro-reflective photo-eye on board.  The photo-eyes is made up of an infra-red emitting LED that shines through polarity filters so as to enable the OSV to filter out ambient light and ignore flashers and nominally direct sunlight.  The sensor has an internal time delay which prevents slowing of the product on the conveyor as well as top and bottom showing indicator lights which show sensor condition.  The solenoid valve comes with a spring compensated plunger seat design which is designed for 20 million cycles in clean-dry air.  OSV can be used in singulation or slug discharge mode dependent on the control desired.  The Canfield Connector OSV is designed for reliable sensing of objects moving through conveyor zones in order to maximize product flow while preventing product damage.


See more at:  http://www.canfieldconnector.com/products/series/3056/osv



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