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NEW! Sales tool for our ILW lighted gasket

The CanCon ILW being shown on our new sales tool the PST-ILW-001.

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CanTop Cord Grips

The Canfield Connector CanTop (brand) is a series of wire bulkhead feed through connectors which have integrated wire strain relief and sealing mechanism. The CanTop (brand) is made from rugged engineered materials which are impervious to dust and moisture. Available in thread sizes NPT 3/8″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and compatible with wire diameters from .157 to .984 (.709 for Flex), the CanTop ensures a tight fit while enhancing any wire installation.

DCP – DIN 43650 Coil Protectors

The Canfield Connector DCP coil pin protectors are low cost replacements for solenoid connectors that ensure protection of solenoid terminals during shipping and handling. They can also be used to protect spade style terminals on a variety of other products. DCPs are available in a host of colors and styles as well as special logo markings to match the application. Constructed of low cost yet rugged polymers, the DCP adds aesthetic appeal and advertising value to the solenoid valve. There is a DCP available for ISO, industry standard MINI, Sub-Micro, and dual spade hydraulic coils.

Model MCCR Multiple Control Connector

The Canfield Connector MCCR is a cable distribution connector which uses pass-through technology to allow control of multiple parallel or independent devices. Devised with double solenoids and solenoid valve manifolds in mind, the MCCR allows for simplified wiring and easy replacement of components in an automated, modular environment. The gasket-thin head fits between a single female connector and the associated male device with the DIN 43650 Form “A”, EN175301-803:2000 interface. Exiting from the MCCR head is a three conductor cable with ISO HT PG9 strain relief connector attached. Two available circuits allow for separate (independent) or parallel (simultaneous) control of the downstream device. The environment resistant quick connect style allows for plug and play designs in the factory that require modern hydraulic or pneumatic systems.

Series M5 Male DIN 43650 Connectors

Canfield male connectors are used as electrical quick disconnect interfaces for pneumatic and hydraulic valves and sensors. They are available in standard MINI, DIN 43650 Form “A” / ISO 4400, EN175301-803:2000, Sub-Micro 8mm, 9.4mm, and conduit arrangements. Some male connectors are available with 2+ ground or 3+ ground terminal options.

Series FAC Fieldbus to Solenoid Valve Adapters

The FAC series connectors are modular interface connectors made to conform to industry standard configurations. These connectors interface female ISO, MINI and Sub-Micro solenoid connections to industry standard male 7/8″ (MINI) and 12mm (Micro) circular connectors. These are as shown on the following pages. These rugged modular connectors offer rapid installation and environmental protection designed to IP 65 and NEMA 4. Options include indication LED, surge suppression and various pre-wired circuit configurations to connect with popular multi-port electronic interconnection systems and field-bus systems.


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